Let's add a touch of Mashona to your living space!

Welcome to the MaShona Store! Handmade tribal and African Designs Handmade by Mandy Malgas Harmeling. While some African Print fabric colours are vibrant and bold and make a statement, some are very subtle and intricately patterned. Both however will give your space elegance effortless look.

Our Best Selling Collection
  • Our Fabric

    We source only but the best African Print Ankara Wax Fabrics. Building relationships along the way, we are proud to have the most reliable and trusted suppliers

  • The Craft

    All our items are handmade, taking care and consideration not only in the style and design but also in the long term usage of our products.

  • The Dream

    It is a dream of mine to have my products displayed in your home. The bold look of the African print Fabric will surely make a statement!