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Set of 4 - 16" Handmade Handmade Rattan Placemats

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16 inch Rattan Plates One of many fair trade products from Zimbabwe. The larger baskets are still used for their original purpose, which is to 'wine' grain. The Tonga people of Zimbabwe (also called 'Batonga') are a Bantu ethnic group of southern Zimbabwe and neighboring northern Zambia. Binga is one of Zimbabwe’s basket weaving communities located in the remote Binga district – home to the displaced BaTonga people. Tonga women utilize traditional weaving techniques to create intricately patterned baskets. All natural and locally harvested materials – such as wild grasses, small vines, and palm leaves dyed with tree bark The amazing Tonga women take pride in the preservation of traditions, skills and values that have been passed down through generations and today are being shared with the rest of the world. The skills and craftsmanship are distinctly portrayed in basketry. The treasures of Zimbabwean craft indeed!